The S185ROF and S185PMROF use Ring Of Fire (ROF) splicing technology for creating a very controlled and rapid application of heat to the splice point and enables high quality splicing on fibers greater than 500um in cladding. The S185ROF and S185PMROF offer great technology in high-power fiber lasers sharing the same advantages as the previous four models of the S185 range - portability, revolutionary compact design, accurate rotational and linear alignment. The S185ROF and S185PMROF can work on a wide range of non-PM and PM fibers from 125um cladding to 800um cladding.

The S185 Fusion Splicer series offers a variety of compelling features including.



Furukawa Electric Europe Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Furukawa Electric Company in Japan and was established in London in 1998 in order to provide a sales and service centre with responsibility for the European, African and Middle Eastern Markets. The company is organised by product group, having sales divisions handling Automotive, Electronic & Optical components as well as an Interconnectivity Division specialising in Fusion Splicers & MT Connectors.

Furukawa Electric is committed to research & development and has throughout its history been in the forefront of technological innovation. It is our aim to be the market leader in Europe, Africa & the Middle East in each specialist product field and we aim to achieve this by having the best products on the market by having the best technical & commercial support and by having the best distribution channels available. 

Whatever your requirements, Furukawa Electric Europe Limited is here to help.

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