Special Memory Alloy

Furukawa Electric Group produces high function special metals equipped with high performance and reliability such as electrically resistant materials, thermoelectromotive force materials, corrosion resistant / heat resistant material, magnetic material, etc., in a uniform manufacturing system from melting and casting to the final product. The uniform production system from melting to the product allows for greater stability of quality and also means that we can provide finely detailed support in accordance with customers needs, such as the development of new products and special conditions of use, etc.

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MCPET is a Micro cellular material that provides high overall and diffuse reflectivity from our advanced foaming technology.

In the 21st century energy efficiency is a priority in all environments. With lighting consuming vast amounts of power, enhancing products through highly efficient reflectors ensures maximum light out for power in.


Furukawa Electric is the first to commercially produce highly reflective, energy-saving foamed sheets made of extra-fine, foamed polyethylene terephthalate MCPET.




  • Ideal for lighting fixtures and signage whether the light source is LED or Fluorescent
  • Achieve 99% overall reflectivity in comparison to Barium sulfate
  • Achieve 96% increase in diffused reflection in comparison to Barium sulfate
  • Improve visual impact of light by balancing blue and red light reflection equally
  • Sharply reduce unwanted striping and blurring which naturally occurs in conventional signage through the diffusive element achieved by the cellular structure

NiTi Alloys

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Optic Ground Wire: The stainless steel tube is hermetically sealed by seamless welding without any pinholes or leak. The tube is filled with moisture/water resistant gel. Furukawa can make this cable up to customer’s specification.


Green Trough

Green Trough is a covered protective duct made of recycled resin, and is used for burying cables near the surface of land alongside railways. Its weight is only one-quarter that of concrete ducts, enabling ducts to be transported manually and reducing the construction period. In addition, ducts made of recycled plastics are eco-friendly and offer excellent strength, flame retarding properties, and workability.


Many trains are equipped with a heat sink (power kicker) for cooling power transistors that control the electric voltage and frequency. With the N700 rolling stocks of the Tokaido Shinkansen lines, there are no electric fans. Instead, our ultra high-performance power kicker [PK-S] which holds the leading market share is being used. It is capable of cooling high-power transistors with the air flow generated during operation. The power kicker is also being used in high-speed trains in China and other countries.

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