Ni-Ti alloy Tube and Wire for Medical Devices

Our alloy is selected for many critical medical devices e.g. Stent and Heart Valve. Furukawa have unique vacuum melting process and production technology, which can maximise device durability using these alloys (good fatigue life).

Our Ni-Ti super-elastic alloys conform with ASTM F 2063, the Ni-Ti alloy standard for medical devices. Furukawa offer wide range of tightly controlled and uniform dimensions. Tube diameter range from ~0.300mm to 12.0mm and Wires can be as small as 0.020mm diameter.

Copper & Copper Alloy Product

Copper bell of prehistoric ages, temple bell, bronze statue, copper roof, cook pot, etc. copper is a metal familiar to all of us from ancient times. It has established its position not only in the industrial fields but also in the areas of fine arts, technical art and the interior for its graceful color with depth. In recent times, copper has been utilized wider and wider in every field of modern industry as a utility metal due to its superior electrical and thermal conductivities, corrosion resistance and processibility.


Metals Company of Furukawa Electric has been developing a variety of new products, based on its upgraded R&D activities as well as on its advanced metal processing technology that the company has long fostered. We will continue to offer a wide range of products that the market needs as an extension of our basic technologies, thus satisfying our customers' requirements.

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