Commencement of mass production of FOL1439 series pump

Nov 2023 | News

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Pump light source laser for Raman amplifiers

Furthermore, high optical output operation can also be supported as the FOL1439 series has a maximum optical output up to 600mW (Tcase = 70°C) and the FRL1440 has a maximum optical output up to 620mW (Tcase = 70°C).

As it is expected that there will be requirements for even higher output and lower power consumption characteristics in the future, Furukawa Electric will continue to aim for even higher performance enhancements based on the technology in these products.


Comparison of specifications (Typical spec, Comparison in C band)

Specifications of new products Specifications of conventional product
Type name FRL1440 Series FOL1439 Series FOL1437 Series
Optical output (mW) 600 500 500 500
Power consumption (W) Max 10 Max 7.5 Max 9 Max 13.5
Driving conditions EOL(note 4), Ts = 35°C, Tc = 70°C
Wavelength (nm) 1420 – 1465 nm
Wavelength accuracy (nm) ± 1.5 nm
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