Furukawa Electric Europe Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Furukawa Electric Company in Japan and was established in London in 1998 in order to provide a sales and service centre with responsibility for the European, African and Middle Eastern Markets. The company is organised by product group, having sales divisions handling Automotive, Electronic & Optical components as well as an Interconnectivity Division specialising in Fusion Splicers & MT Connectors.

Furukawa Electric is committed to research & development and has throughout its history been in the forefront of technological innovation. It is our aim to be the market leader in Europe, Africa & the Middle East in each specialist product field and we aim to achieve this by having the best products on the market by having the best technical & commercial support and by having the best distribution channels available. 

Whatever your requirements, Furukawa Electric Europe Limited is here to help.

New & Events

  • Green Trough installed in Stavanger, Norway

    Green Trough 200 series was installed by NJD-2019-04-16

  • Green Trough installed at Koge Nord, Denmark.

    Introduction of Green Trough in Denmark-2019-01-28

  • Development of New Pump Source Technology for Raman Amplification


  • Commencement of mass production of FOL1439 series pump source lasers for Raman amplifiers with outstanding high output power and low electrical power consumption and development of FRL1440 series


  • ECOC - Europe’s largest exhibition in the fibre optic communication technology



  • ASC 2022 Applied Superconductivity Conference

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