Ni-Ti alloy Tube and Wire for Medical Devices

Our alloy is selected for many critical medical devices e.g. Stent and Heart Valve. Furukawa have unique vacuum melting process and production technology, which can maximise device durability using these alloys (good fatigue life).

Our Ni-Ti super-elastic alloys conform with ASTM F 2063, the Ni-Ti alloy standard for medical devices. Furukawa offer wide range of tightly controlled and uniform dimensions. Tube diameter range from ~0.300mm to 12.0mm and Wires can be as small as 0.020mm diameter.

Polyimide Tubing

Furukawa Electric's proprietary Polyimide Tubing manufacturing process produces a seamless, thin, multi-layered tubing product that ensures superior thermal resistance and durability along with optimal flexibility for easier installations.


With a minimum inside diameter of 0.08mm and a wall thickness of 0.013mm available, just specify the dimensions your application requires. Furukawa offers more than 20 standard product dimensions and has years of experience in handling unique applications and field installations.

Medical Life Science

This method of analysis of biomolecules using fluorescent light detection technology is an essential tool for the analysis of life phenomena in basic research areas, the screening of drug candidate compounds, cutting-edge medical areas such as gene analysis and regenerative medicine, and the simple diagnostic area.
Furukawa Electric has developed the QUARTZ DOT fluorescent silica particle as a new fluorescent labeling material for use in biomolecule analysis. The QUARTZ DOT enables precise control of particle diameter enabling the production of particles with characteristics optimized to their applications.

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