Optical Components

Passive Range

The FITEL passive component range complements the active range and allows the user to accurately and easily manipulate the signal through combining and splitting products.


Passive components play a critical role in todays growing WDM optical networks, and Furukawa have addressed this and the ongoing mission of brining fiber closer to the user with its passive component range. These products play an ever more important role in building WDM, PON and FTTx networks.


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DFB Lazer

Passive components such as optical devices mounted with optical semiconductors or splitters, etc., are used for light sources, amplification or distribution, etc., in an optical network. The functions demanded of optical components and optical devices are becoming more advanced and diverse in association with the development of optical communications.

Furukawa Electric uses its accumulation of technology in the areas of optical devices and optical components over many years since the dawning of optical communications to supply high quality products such as laser diode modules and splitters throughout the world, contributing to the expansion of the cutting edge area of optical communications.

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Active Range

Furukawa is a world leading supplier of Pump Lasers and Signal Lasers. With manufacturing capability in Japan , Thailand and China Furukawa is highly competitive in price, delivery and quality. All manufacturing facilities are ISO9000 certified and all products meet generic Telcordia requirements.

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