Fusion Splicer

For 40 Years Furukawa has been at the forefront of splicing technology. We are offering an exceptional range of cutting-edge solutions from FTTH work to Multicore Submarine Fibre.

Crafted with advanced technology, our portfolio provides unparalleled performance and efficiency. Our state-of-the-art fusion splicers ensure low splice loss, high splice strength, and superior splice accuracy, guaranteeing optimal signal quality and network integrity. Whether it’s the compact and portable models ideal for field deployments or the speciality fusion splicers suitable for demanding production applications, we provide versatile options to meet diverse connectivity needs.

Our splicers are used by the world leaders in Telecoms, Fibre Lasers, Sensing and many more verticals. With user-friendly interfaces, intelligent automation, and robust design, our machines streamline installation, production, and repair tasks, significantly reducing downtime and operational costs.

We are constantly innovating our tools to meet changing demands of the telecom and photonics industry.

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Fitel Technical Support Network

At Furukawa, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellent technical support, not only directly but also through a network of distributors who are experts on Fitel fusion splicers. Many of our distributors in EMEA have their own repair centres, which provide technical support and carry out repair and servicing on our machines.

In our UK repair and training centre, a team of skilled engineers is responsible for servicing and repairing FITEL fusion splicers, cleavers and related equipment. We have a wide range of spare parts available at all times, enabling us to offer quality repairs and services with a quick turnaround

Our team of experts is able to provide program optimisation for newly developed fibres and complex fibre combinations. Also, we customise our products to help our clients in their development of cutting-edge technology.

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