S327A Hand-Held High Precision Cleaver
This one-action cleaver provides seamless and repeatable cleaving for both single and ribbon fibre. Capable of 65,000 cleaves the S327A offers the longest blade life in the market. Easy blade replacement can be done in 1 minute with no special tools and needs no other adjustments.

The small footprint allows handheld operation or traditional desktop use and fibre ends are automatically collected in the waste bin.

S218 Thermal Strippers Range

When you need a cordless, light-weight, quick-strip solutions, the S218R optical fibre stripper efficiently solves your problems.

This hot-stripping tool removes the coating of single fibre and ribbon fibres and runs on a built-in battery, providing cordless access around your workplace. 

ID-H/R Fibre Identifier
The FITEL ID-H/R V3 is an advanced and compact tool to identify the optical signals passing through the fibre.

The version 3 unit offers enhanced fibre detection to facilitate working in brightly lit environments. Improved display functionality to show the communication light intensity in the optical fibre.

The unit is also now compatible will all G657 A2 Fibers

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