S185HS High Strength
Portable and highly accurate Fusion splicer for 80 and 125um cladding standard fibres.
S185PM Polarisation Maintaining Fusion Splicer
The most compact PM splicer in its class for 80 and 125um PANDA and other polarisation maintaining fibres.

S185LDF Large Diameter Fusion Splicer

The lightweight S185LDF operates from a built-in battery and allows access to the most difficult parts on the fiber laser. The machine works with fibres up to 500um cladding and is ideal for both production and on-site maintenance.
S185PMLDF Polarisation Maintaining Large Diameter Fusion Splicer
The model supports the same types of fibres as the S185PM but the range of fibres goes up to 500um cladding.
S185ROF Ring of Fire Ultra Large Diameter Fusion Splicer

The compact and portable design you expect from the S185 series but with a difference. The S185ROF has a powerful 3 Electrode arc system. The ROF (Ring of Fire) plasma field (evenly distributed heat field) is wider and adjustable which enables splicing of Large Diameter Fiber(LDF) up to 800μm in cladding. 

S185PMROF Ring of Fire Polarisation Maintaining & Ultra Large Diameter Fusion Splicer
S185PMROF is also equipped with Ring of Fire and is ideal for multicore. S185PMROF has been a proven technology for Submarine applications due to its lowest splice loss and fastest splicing time in the industry.
S185EDV End-View Fusion Splicer
S185EDV employs an End-View system designed for splicing fibre with complicated internal structure such as Hollow Core, PCF and more. Our Composite Image Technology overlays both fibre images into one picture, allowing the user to verify the alignment and fine tune to their exact requirements. The S185EDV can also be used to splice in traditional Side-View mode.

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