Green Trough Vehicle Rated

Green Trough Vehicle Rated

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Green Trough Vehicle Rated combines our trusted Green Trough product with a high strength lid capable of carrying the weight of large vehicles. Designed and tested to exceed industry standards, with an unmatched strength to weight ratio.

Green Trough Vehicle Rated reduces installation cost whilst providing a safer cable management solution.

Green Trough Vehicle Rated is manufactured using a galvanized zig zag grating process that combines recycled polymer with an advanced reinforcement, creating a strong, lightweight cover that is durable under demanding loads and can be removed without heavy lifting equipment.


  • Strong (H20, HS20 and C250 according to EN 124-1:2015)
  • Connects easily to standard Green Trough
  • Interlocking lids
  • 2-4 Degrees of Flexibility
  • Flame Resistant
  • Simple installation and cable access

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