Heatsinks for Luminaires

Like CPU (Central Processing Unit), LED is made of semiconductive material. An appropriate cooling measure must be taken. Otherwise, LED will be damaged by heat and will eventually lose its brightness…

Can you really trust the thermal solution you are now using?

The Lightest Cooling Solution – Less than half the weight of conventional die cast and extruded heatsinks.


The HYC series draws on the heat dissipation/cooling technologies and expertise in electronics products that Furukawa Electric has developed over many years.

HYC series is designed to cool high power LED (COB module) in addition, HYC Series has achieved less than half the weight as compared to conventional die cast and extruded heatsinks.


Heatsinks for Rail

Thermal control is indispensable for emission control semiconductor to perform its function. Especially for power module like Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) which dissipates kilo watts of heat, a thermal solution must be designed in capable of cooling such amount of heat as well as being reliable in long term for stable energy supply.

Furukawa Electric recommends heat pipe embedded blower less solution especially if there is limited space vertically but more space available horizontally. This specific solution has been applied for high-speed railway that use the wind flow during transportation instead of using fans for forced convection. Heat pipe solution in general is also recommended to be used when heat generating element has un-even thermal extent which causes a “hot spot”. To prevent corrosion in out-door use, anti-corrosion treatment such as nickel plating is highly recommended as an industry standard

Heat Kicker

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