Medical Life Science

Detection solutions for internal medical devices

In order to provide universal medical services that are safe and reassuring, it is important to develop medical technology that is free from stress and worry for both the patients and medical practitioners.

Our recently developed Tellumino® is a revolutionary location detection solution for medical devices. By lighting up the implanted medical device through a wireless power-supplying technology, the user can visually confirm the location of the device through the skin.

Tellumino’s unique design incorporating our high-frequency technology to realize non-contact electric charging technology for medical devices enables position detection without the use of specialized equipment or pharmaceuticals.

Flow Cytometer

PERFLOW is the world’s first flow cytometer that combines a semiconductor laser for optical communication with optical fiber technology. Furukawa Electric has developed a proprietary cell analysis method based on transmitted light information and a damage-free method for sorting that is ideal for living cells.

PERFLOW will play an important role in cutting edge life sciences research targeting induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, embryonic stem (ES) cells, cancer, and more.

Fluorescent Silica Nanoparticle

This method of analysis of biomolecules using fluorescent light detection technology is an essential tool for the analysis of life phenomena in basic research areas, the screening of drug candidate compounds, cutting-edge medical areas such as gene analysis and regenerative medicine, and the simple diagnostic area.

Fluorescent Silica Nanoparticle

Furukawa Electric has developed the QUARTZ DOT fluorescent silica particle as a new fluorescent labeling material for use in biomolecule analysis. The QUARTZ DOT enables precise control of particle diameter enabling the production of particles with characteristics optimized to their applications.

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