Optical Components

Furukawa Electric has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing of FITEL semiconductor lasers having high output power and high reliability performances, and offers them to a wide range of optical communication markets such as long haul, metro, access and data center networks.

Since its establishment in 1884, Furukawa Electric has played an overwhelming role in the global market development. In the field of optical products, Furukawa Electric manufactured the world’s first optical fiber cable in 1974 and the semiconductor laser in 1988, and has continued to lead the growth of the rapidly changing optical communications industry.

FITEL has over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of semiconductor lasers, and has earned a reputation for its high-power technology and high reliability, which is ones of the important characteristics for optical communications. Our lasers are offered to a wide optical communication markets such as long distance transmission between cities over 1,000km,or short-range transmission within a few hundred meters at data centers.

Over the years, we have been satisfying our customer needs by offering new products continuously.

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