Pump light sources

We have a lineup of InP-based semiconductor lasers that we have developed over many years, mainly for use in intensity modulation/direct detection (IMDD) communications, where the transmission distance is short, and for digital coherent communications, where signals are transmitted over long distances using the phase and polarization of light.

FOL1437R-FBG series, FOL1439R-FBG series, FRL1441U-FBG series

FOL1437R-FBG series
Lasers with FBGs with output power up to 380 mW.

FOL1439R-FBG series
Lower power consumption lasers with FBGs of 400 mW or more.

FRL1441U-FBG series
Higher output power lasers with FBGs of 600 mW or more.

FOL1437R-ISO series, FOL1439R-ISO series
FOL1437R-ISO series
Fabry-Perot (FP) lasers with built-in isolators up to 380 mW.

FOL1439R-ISO series
Fabry-Perot (FP) lasers with built-in isolators of 400 mW or higher.

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