Polyimide Tubing

Furukawa Electric’s proprietary Polyimide Tubing manufacturing process produces a seamless, thin, multi-layered tubing product that ensures superior thermal resistance and durability along with optimal flexibility for easier installations.

With a minimum inside diameter of 0.08mm and a wall thickness of 0.013mm available, just specify the dimensions your application requires. Furukawa offers more than 20 standard product dimensions and has years of experience in handling unique applications and field installations.

Our Polyimide Tubing is a seamless tubing fabricated by special processes using polyimide resin, which has excellent heat and chemical resistance.

In the PIT-S and Vasculex® options, no degradation occurs at 220°C in continuous service or at 400°C for short periods. Safety can hardly be threatened due to its flameless self-extinction without emitting any poisonous fumes.  It is available with a minimum inside thickness of 0.08mm, and wall thickness of 0.013mm is producible due to its high tensile strength. It allows for compact, delicate wiring in electronics or other instruments to be laid out, without concerns over space. PIT-S is UL-certified No.E58401.

Our Polyimide Tubing and Vasculex® is using in a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Insulation of peripheral wiring circuitry for thermocouples or thermistors.
  • Insulation of internal, heat-spot wiring or circuitry for electric / electronic instruments.
  • Covering of wiring in need of chemical resistance (except alkalis).
  • Covering / insulation of circuitry in a nuclear plant or its peripheral facilities.
  • Insulation of wiring or circuitry in need of fire resistance.
  • Insulation of high-density wiring for electronic device such as probe card.

Vasculex® can also be used for a medical catheter or as a biological needle, as well as its electrical applications.

Polymide tubing part 1
polymide tubing part 2

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