Super Conductor

Second-generation high-temperature superconducting (2G-HTS) wires.

2G-HTS wires, unlike the conventional copper conductors, can transport the current with no resistivity, ultimate zero- ohms: This means that the power devices can be shrunk down to very compact sizes with no Joule-heats, when it is operated under cryogenic temperatures (77K, 30K, 4.2K, for instance). Our partners, by using our wire, have demonstrated very-high-current cables capable of more than 10 thousand Amperes, or advanced magnets of ultra-high field more than 40 Tesla.

Super Conductor material

Such high-power cables and superb coil-magnets will serve for future systems such as next generation NMRs for advanced bio-medical sciences, compact fusion reactors to solve climate changes. Future mobility will come true by HTS- hover transportation, electric-airplanes, or space-aircrafts. Thus, we will continue to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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