TEX-E Wire

Furukawa Electric’s “TEX-E” opens up a new era of switching transformers!

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Triple Insulated Wires “TEX-E Series” save insulation tape or barrier tape between the primary and secondary coils and contribute to realize size and cost reduction or high efficiency of transformers. “TEX-E Series” paves the way to the sophisticated switching transformers.

Feature of TEX series

texe_feature_fig_1The feature of TEX series is in its insulation layers. IEC standards require specified insulation between primary and secondary coils of transformers. And the standards do not accept general enameled wire as insulation therefore insulation tape or barrier tape are required in transformers using enameled wire. TEX series, however, has triple insulation layers which comply IEC requirement and therefore can be used without barrier tape or interlayer tape between primary and secondary coils.
Size comparison example of transformers between conventional and TEX applied
Item TEX-E applied
Output 20W 20W
Vol cm3 36 19
% 100 53
Weight g 70 45
% 100 64
Size comparison example of transformers between conventional and TEX applied
Item Conventional TEX-E applied
Output 20W 20W
Volume cm3 36 19
% 100 53
Weight g 70 45
% 100 64

TEX series fulfill various requirements.

  1. Certified as reinforced insulation; three layers can resist up to 3,000 ACV for one minute.
  2. The temperature resistivity is class E (120℃). Please refer to the list of Safety Standard about the details.
  3. A lot of insulation systems by UL1446 are provided. Please refer to item of “UL1446; insulation system” in the page of acquisition status of overseas safety standards. And please ensure to check the chemical compatibility of wire with varnish, solvent or so on regardless with or without mention of these items in insulation systems.
  4. Solderable without stripping insulation layers
  5. Can be wound smoothly by automatic coiling machines.
  6. Wide size range from 0.20 to 1.0 (TEX-E)


As proof of TEX-E’s safety, more than 2,500 companies have used TEX-E since it was first introduced into the market in 1993. TEX series wire is widely used for mobile/smart phone chargers, game consoles, and other applications. Its application will expand to home appliance, LED lighting, and medical equipment now that TEX-E and TEX-ELZ are additionally certified by IEC 61558, and IEC 60601 certified condition has been reviewed.

Information and Communication


Power adapters for PC

Information and Communication


Chargers for Phones






Power adapters for PC



Automatic robot



Driver for LED

Solar power


Power Conditioner



MRI system

Home Appliance


Air conditioner

Home Appliance


Cosmetic appliance

Applied Commercial Devices & Instruments

  • SMPS for units of Printer
  • Facsimile
  • Memory
  • Computer
  • Monitor
  • Inverter
  • Game Machine
  • Battery Charger for assemblies of Digital Camera
  • Portable Telephone
  • 8mm VCR AC Adapter
  • Personal Computer
  • DVD Operating Frequencies

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