MCPET is a Micro cellular material that provides high overall and diffuse reflectivity from our advanced foaming technology.

In the 21st century energy efficiency is a priority in all environments. With lighting consuming vast amounts of power, enhancing products through highly efficient reflectors ensures maximum light out for power in.


Furukawa Electric is the first to commercially produce highly reflective, energy-saving foamed sheets made of extra-fine, foamed polyethylene terephthalate MCPET.




  • Ideal for lighting fixtures and signage whether the light source is LED or Fluorescent
  • Achieve 99% overall reflectivity in comparison to Barium sulfate
  • Achieve 96% increase in diffused reflection in comparison to Barium sulfate
  • Improve visual impact of light by balancing blue and red light reflection equally
  • Sharply reduce unwanted striping and blurring which naturally occurs in conventional signage through the diffusive element achieved by the cellular structure

Fibre Laser for industrial use

Furukawa FITEL ASF1J810 offers single transverse mode lasing emission with excellent beam quality, standing on polarization maintaining double cladded Yb doped fiber, fiber Bragg reflector and many other technologies.


As the market leader in HDTV cable in Japan, Furukawa now offers its high performance HDTV optical cables with connectors throughout the World. More than 90% of Japan's broadcasting stations rely on Furukawa optical cable to delivery their high definition TV Programming.

UV Tape

UV tapes are ultra-violet curable adhesive tapes used to process semiconductor wafers. since we began development of ultra-violet curing technology in 1984, Furukawa Electric's ultra-violet curable tape has been highly acclaimed by our customers.


As a pioneer of electrodeposited copper foil manufacturer,Furukawa Electric has challenged to technical innovation. The use application of electrodeposited copper foil has expanded from traditional PCB to flexible PCB, high-density PWB, core-less PWB, LiB negative electrode and medical product.

Furukawa Electric continuously undertakes technical innovation and explores infinite possibilities of electrodeposited copper foil.


These copper heat transfer tubes have fine helical grooves formed on the inner surface, and are designed for use in air-conditioners and refrigerators.

Through optimization of groove geometry, the inside heat transfer coefficient improved between 1.5 to 2.0 times in comparison to smooth tubes.

The pressure drop due to the use of FMGT increases only slightly compared to conventional smooth tubes, bringing about no problems of practical importance.

FMGT is available in either straight tubes or level-wound-coils, complying with the use of our customers.

FMGT is mainly used as refrigerant heat transfer tubes of heat exchangers for room air conditioners and package air conditioners.

It is also used as heat pipes for heat radiation in various electronic equipment.


Many trains are equipped with a heat sink (power kicker) for cooling power transistors that control the electric voltage and frequency. With the N700 rolling stocks of the Tokaido Shinkansen lines, there are no electric fans. Instead, our ultra high-performance power kicker [PK-S] which holds the leading market share is being used. It is capable of cooling high-power transistors with the air flow generated during operation. The power kicker is also being used in high-speed trains in China and other countries.

TEX-E Wire

Triple Insulated Winding Wire makes a merit of needing no interlayer insulation foil or barrier tape, thereby downsizing transformers and bringing about high efficiency and cost reduction.

Thermocouple Alloys

Furukawa has 50 years of history in manufacturing high quality temperature measurement materials, thermocouples and extension wires. We have fully integrated production systems, covering the whole process from melting to semi-finished products. The temperature measurement industry increasingly demands high precision and reliable 'Thermocouple' materials (e.g. Type K & Type N). Furukawa is capable of serving this growing demand with its rich experience and technical aptitude. Our products comply with all major international standards and we can customise the product according to our customer's specification requirements.


A next-generation card suitable for the many several (multi- ) measurement of the device area array which was not suitable for needle pad structure of (cantilever ) conventionally. It touches a device by a short probe perpendicularly . This probe is suitable for a small pad , low voltage , a high frequency device .


By combining a thermally superconductive “heat pipe” with longitudinal fins suited for natural convection cooling, Furukawa has developed a heat sink which is  50% lighter than solid heat sink and 30% smaller than solid heat sink. It employs "Stand Kicker" a high-performance radiator that enables cooling by natural convection.

The newly developed Stand Kicker comes in various shapes to accommodate LED heat generation of 100-1,000W.

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