Energy & Industrial Sector

Energy & Industrial Sector

Super Conductor Material

This wire has the potential to operate devices at liquid nitrogen temperatures. At 77K, REBCO can operate up to ~1 T maximum field.

SuperPower 2G HTS Wire is customized to meet unique requirements of multiple applications:

  • excellent 2D uniformity of critical current across width for ROEBEL cables
  • tight bandwidth of critical current for FCL
  • rounded edges of the SCS (surround copper stabilizer) wire is excellent for high voltage applications
  • lightweight wire, important for rotating machinery
  • same level of high-field coil performance can be achieved with Zr-doped wire with less zero-field 77 K Ic, less wire and larger bore
  • applications that involve magnetic field benefit from the additional improvement factor of in-field Ic retention
  • fields in a toroidal SMES are mainly axial (//a,b), maximizing the use of 2G HTS
  • 2G HTS enables high field operation for compact, high energy density systems
  • HTS improves power quality, enabling faster switching speeds in motors and generators

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MCPET is a Micro cellular material that provides high overall and diffuse reflectivity from our advanced foaming technology.

In the 21st century energy efficiency is a priority in all environments. With lighting consuming vast amounts of power, enhancing products through highly efficient reflectors ensures maximum light out for power in.


Furukawa Electric is the first to commercially produce highly reflective, energy-saving foamed sheets made of extra-fine, foamed polyethylene terephthalate MCPET.




  • Ideal for lighting fixtures and signage whether the light source is LED or Fluorescent
  • Achieve 99% overall reflectivity in comparison to Barium sulfate
  • Achieve 96% increase in diffused reflection in comparison to Barium sulfate
  • Improve visual impact of light by balancing blue and red light reflection equally
  • Sharply reduce unwanted striping and blurring which naturally occurs in conventional signage through the diffusive element achieved by the cellular structure


Optic Ground Wire: The stainless steel tube is hermetically sealed by seamless welding without any pinholes or leak. The tube is filled with moisture/water resistant gel. Furukawa can make this cable up to customer’s specification.

Fibre Laser for industrial use

Furukawa FITEL ASF1J810 offers single transverse mode lasing emission with excellent beam quality, standing on polarization maintaining double cladded Yb doped fiber, fiber Bragg reflector and many other technologies.

UV Tape

UV tapes are ultra-violet curable adhesive tapes used to process semiconductor wafers. since we began development of ultra-violet curing technology in 1984, Furukawa Electric's ultra-violet curable tape has been highly acclaimed by our customers.

EFLEX Square

A stackable cable duct system for installing multiple underground cables. EFLEX Square is available in 5 sizes ranging from 50mm to 150mm internal diameter. It’s square shape allows for fast, simple installation of underground cables, especially where space is limited. Each flame retardant duct is supplied in 5.3m lengths with built-in male and female connectors for rapid watertight installation. EFLEX Square ducts are flexible, eliminating the need for dedicated bend pieces, and when installed,  EFLEX Square can withstand loads of 25t. An extensive range of innovative accessories allow for seamless integration with existing installations and pits/handholes.

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TEX-E Wire

Triple Insulated Winding Wire makes a merit of needing no interlayer insulation foil or barrier tape, thereby downsizing transformers and bringing about high efficiency and cost reduction.

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